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Crown and Bridges

Crowns: Experience royal treatment with dental care!

When your tooth is cracked or damaged, your dentist at Cosmos Family Dental P.C. can fashion a crown (sometimes called a “cap”) which is fitted onto your tooth. Crowns are usually made of material like porcelain, gold or a mix of different materials called an amalgam. Rather than letting your cracked tooth ruin your perfect smile, you can maintain your teeth’s alignment with a crown.

Bridges: No more gaps!

Sometimes teeth can fall out or are extracted when other dental care means are no longer applicable. This leaves gaps between the teeth and can spoil what your vibrant smile used to be. Take back your confidence and fill those gaps with Bridges! Bridges are made up of a filler tooth or pontic and are attached in between the surrounding teeth or crowns. Fastening bridge structure is more than just there for aesthetic value. Bridges also prevent jaw problems and neighboring teeth from shifting and causing even larger gaps in the long run.

Need crowns or bridges to restore your smile? You can book an appointment with a dentist at Cosmos Family Dental P.C.