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Root Canals

Tooth Extraction or Tooth Removal is not the only way to solve tooth decay or infection. Our dentists at Cosmos Family Dental P.C. can perform Root Canal Treatments which are often the route taken to address dental issues involving infection, tooth fracture or decay. In most cases, it is better to restore the tooth and improve the health of its surrounding tissue. The process can relieve pain and prevent further infection too.

If you’ve heard about how painful Root Canal Treatments can be, Cosmos Family Dental P.C. is the dental care provider that will change your mind. Root Canals are actually a way to relieve pain caused by the decaying teeth. We perform this procedure with as little discomfort and pain as possible. The process is similar to what you would feel when you get a filling.

Feel free to ask one of our dentists or dental staff about Root Canal Treatment. You can also request an appointment online.